Financial planning for owners of private businesses and their families

At one level financial planning for owners of private businesses is no different to any other individual or family.  Short, medium and long term needs around:

  • Cash flow
  • Debt management
  • Investment
  • Risk management
  • Structuring
  • Estate planning

need to be addressed.  Its just that when you introduce a business into the mix these issues have to be addressed for both the individual and the business, separately.

This is hard because often the two things are linked together and are difficult to separate:

  • the business may be financed by debt secured against the family home
  • personal cash flow - lifestyle and investments - are funded from the business cash flow
  • the business is often the source of funds for retirement - whether over time through saving or when the business value is realised

We understand this.  We are business owners ourselves.  We can help you work through these issues and develop a personal financial plan which really links with your business, but importantly protects your personal finances from "the unexpected" happening in your business.

We are passionate about protecting the families of privately held business owners, their partners, employees, and customers, from the ravaging fallout caused by the premature death or disability of one of the owners. Likewise we believe improving the value of a privately held business is one of the best ways for people in this situation to grow wealth and invest.  The value of an individual's ability to earn an income is often not recognised, and for privately held business owners and their families, the business is usually the primary investment.

Our process requires some of your time - not an excessive amount - and is spread out over an appropriate timeframe.  We work in with your requirements.  We charge a professional fee which reflects the value we create for you – it’s an investment with a return, not a cost.

For a no obligation discussion call Chris McGlinn on (03) 5330 3988 or use our Contact Form.