We do more than just provide financial planning services.
We provide advice, tailored to your personal needs, including your particular needs as a business owner.  We try and keep things simple based on what you want - but are not afraid to let you also know what you may need.
We believe that the value of an individual's ability to earn an income is often not recognised, and for privately held business owners and their families, the business is usually the primary investment.
We are passionate about protecting the families of privately held business owners, their partners, employees, and customers, from the ravaging fallout caused by the premature death or disability of one of the owners.  Likewise we believe improving the value of a privately held business is one of the best ways for people in this situation to grow wealth and invest.
Leveraging our key relationships with our network of professionals we are able to provide comprehensive advice across most areas of financial planning and through our business support program, we have the capacity to draw on the expertise of a wide range of experienced business professionals and provides privately held business owners with a level of support generally only available to larger organisations, but without the "corporate overhead".
We are authorised to provide personal financial advice through Nextplan Financial which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence.  Our network of business advisors are all experienced business people who have been senior executives or managing directors of companies in the past. They come from every geography, industry and functional background imaginable.  We not only provide “practical advice that works”; we can work with you and your people to implement it as well.
Our advice is personal, practical and tailored to deliver real long-term benefits.
For an obligation free initial discussion to see whether working together could be beneficial  contact us today.